Changes to the management of the air division of the Dubreuil group

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Jean-Paul Dubreuil, president of Groupe Dubreuil Aéro (GDA) and Marc Rochet, general manager of the aviation division, hand over. It is Paul-Henri Dubreuil and Christine Ourmières-Widener (ex-TAP) who take over.

Historic change at the head of the air division of the Dubreuil group. After 50 years in air transport, Jean-Paul Dubreuil, current Chairman of Groupe Dubreuil Aéro, will pass the torch to his son, Paul-Henri Dubreuil, 52, current CEO of the eponymous family group, as of July 1.

A period of transition

This transmission to a new generation will be accompanied at the same time by a change in the management of a change in the management of the four companies in the cluster. Christine Ourmières-Widener (ex-TAP), has been appointed director of the Dubreuil group’s aviation division and general manager of the GDA companies: Air Caraïbes, Air Caraïbes Atlantique, French bee and Hi line Cargo. It will be able to benefit from the vast experience of Marc Rochet, thanks to a transition phase. Indeed, the latter, who joined Air Caraïbes in 2003, remains president of the structures of the aviation division for a four-month period and will accompany Chrisitine Ourmières-Widener during this handover period, an important step in giving all the keys and transmitting knowledge.

As of October 31, Christine Ourmières-Widener will become Chairman and CEO of Air Caraïbes, Air Caraïbes Atlantique, French bee, Hi line Cargo. Marc Rochet will then be appointed administrator at GDA and in the companies to continue to bring his expertise to a sector he knows by heart.

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