CFC Renaissance: soon ready to go back to sea

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Clément Mousset, the boss of the cruise line CFC, indicated on a social network: “we note that the revival of the Renaissance continues, the teak decks are revealed. the swimming pools are getting a makeover, the magrodome (sliding glass roof) brings its light to the finishes on deck 11, and the restaurant teams are preparing the table plans… the library has 70% of its stock, and everything in French… is an undisguised joy to see this ship embrace every day a little more the codes of our language and of its adopted country”.

The complete renovation of the ship is expected to be completed in April

The site had suffered a three-month delay due to a break in the supply chains of certain equipment. It will be finished at the end of April. She will therefore be in Le Havre in May for her inauguration and then her first commercial cruises to Ireland, the British Isles and Northern Europe.

At the Damen Shiprepair yard, several hundred people are still working on the former Holland America Line ship

Holland America Line’s former Maasdam, commissioned in 1993 and bought last year by CFC, has had a makeover. Work continues. Some parts are still missing. The company is taking advantage of this for other technical or cosmetic interventions, originally planned during the ship’s next major technical stop, in 2025.

“Following the break in the supply chain, we have postponed the entire work schedule until April, adding interventions that were not initially planned. We are currently on the rise. Today there are around 100 subcontractors and 150 crew members on board.

At the beginning of March, 150 more people, excluding staff, will be added to it, which means that there will very soon be more than 400 people working on the ship. As for the rest of the crew, which will include a total of 560 people, including 458 hotel staff, they will arrive between the end of March and the beginning of April to help prepare and clean the ship before it is put into service.

The 82 people from the bridge and machinery departments are all already there,” says Cédric Rivoire-Perrochat, CFC general manager and co-founder of the company.

Special attention to the crew

The leaders of CFC have also decided to intervene in the premises of the crews. “This is part of the complementary works that we have added following the postponement of the date of entry into service. We are renovating the crew cabins, which was not planned until 2025 but as we finally had the time, we wanted to do it straight away.

The objective is to offer better living conditions to the staff and to meet the standards of the most recent ships. For example, there were no private toilets at the time, but large shared toilets. We are therefore in the process of redeveloping the spaces to include one toilet block per cabin or when this is not possible for two cabins, which is already a significant step forward,” explains Cédric Rivoire-Perrochat.

CFC in Aix en Provence

In the meantime, the sales representatives are on the ground and encourage the sellers to take up the challenge

Salespeople hand over the Box CFC ST Patrick in honor of the inaugural cruise to the happy winning travel agents in the Aix region… congratulations to the participants and to all those who found the correct answers to the quiz… all travel agents can win!!!

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