CELESTE’s first plane is taking on its new colors

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The first CRJ1000 is in the Sabena Technics paint workshops. The new small Breton company aims to be operational by the end of 2023.

Following the completion of its maintenance operations, the first plane of the Breton airline CELESTE has just landed in Dinard to join the Sabena Technics workshops. The plane will soon come out with its brand new livery.

The 100-seat Bombardier CRJ1000 jet was selected for its perfect fit with the territory’s mobility needs. Ex-plane of the Hop! company, it will display its final paint job at the beginning of December 2023. This sequence symbolically marks the first stage of the aircraft in Brittany, before returning to its Brest base during the month of December . The CELESTE company sets itself the objective of being operational by the end of 2023.

Small launch delay

Founded in 2021 by Arnaud de Noray and Bruno Besnehard, the new small Breton regional company CELESTE, obtained a small pool of time slots on December 14, 2022 from COHOR (Association for the Coordination of Timetables). It had planned to launch twelve weekly frequencies between Paris-Orly and Brest from April 2023. But the launch was ultimately a little delayed. In March 2023, it obtained its air transport certificate and completed its funding round in September 2023, notably with certain local players such as Morlaix Communauté and the Chamber of Commerce and Metropolitan Industry Bretagne Ouest (CCIMBO). It is only waiting for its operating license to be able to start marketing its flights and begin its activities.

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