CEDIV takes action for the ascent of Kilimanjaro

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You are certainly already aware, Cediv Travel is organizing a joint ascent of Kilimanjaro in January 2024.

Where does this idea come from?

During the long Covid period, the network remained hyperactive, in particular through daily visios with members and suppliers.

During one of these visios, everyone spoke about what they would do if they came out of this pandemic with their heads held high, in good health and having saved their business.

Everyone went there according to their desires, their dreams… Then comes the turn of the president, Adriana, who hasn’t been presented since… when? In short, you all know who we are talking about!

She confides at that time, not without almost general astonishment, that she dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro!!

After ensuring that it was not a joke, some of the members present rallied to the idea and a new project was born.

You should also know that among the agencies that are members of Cediv Travel, one is a specialist in this ascent and is managed by the incredible Isabelle MISLANGHE, whose sporting exploits are countless!

They will leave on January 29. The cost of this incredible trip to one of the world’s peaks is estimated at €3,700 all inclusive (inclusive).

Are you interested? Click here → https://forms.gle/S74DfbvKomiCijh29

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