CEDIV: a network that does not lack audacity

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THE CEDIV had made an appointment at the Barramundi in Paris for their traditional evening. Postponed in February due to strikes, the opportunity was given to the President Adriana Minchella to present its wishes to the profession and to celebrate the carnival season a few days in advance

Masks to remember the carnival season

It was in front of a large, masked audience that the president recalled that 2022 had been a particularly busy year. And 2023 seems to be presenting itself perfectly with already brilliant results for the month of January.

The difficulty of hiring talent

Adriana Minchella recalled the difficulties of finding talented staff in agencies, the training needs and the necessary acceleration of the digitalization of agencies. It should be added that this is a general concern.

CEDIV: a network that counts

The Cediv still represents 210 travel agency licenses. Its 2022 turnover has now reached that of 2019.

Isabelle Mislanghe

The CEDIV at the top of Kilimanjaro

The network has set itself a major challenge: the ascent of Kilimanjaro. An expedition whose departure is scheduled for January 29, 2024 and which will be supervised by Isabelle Mislanghe at the head of the Côté Soleil agency specializing in sports trips. Adriana clarified: “With the climb of Kilimanjaro, we want to show that everything is possible and that we can triumph over adversity”

An expedition supervised by Isabelle Mislanghe

The expedition to the highest peak in Africa, 5,895 meters in the northeast of Tanzania, will be accompanied and supervised by Isabelle Mislanghe, Isabelle is the manager of the “Coté Soleil” travel agency. She’s a great professional who convinced us that we can do it regardless of age and state of physical health” underlines Adriana Minchella. About fifty tourism professionals could take part in this adventure. “The departure is scheduled for January 29, 2024, we will be preparing all year round,” said the president of Cediv.

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