Cathay Pacific: vegan dishes available from Hong Kong

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Cathay Pacific offers its customers a new contemporary range of vegan dishesdeveloped in collaboration with VEDA by Ovolothe main Hong Kong plant-based restaurant.

This collaboration enhances the wellness-focused dining options offered to the Hong Kong airline’s customers. Passengers traveling in Premium Economy and Economy Class on select long-haul flights from Hong Kong can now enjoy a wide variety of plant-based options that focus on nutrition and flavor while celebrating local influences international cuisine.

For the chef Raul Tronco of the VEDA restaurant, it is a real challenge : “ Creating a meal meant to be enjoyed at 30,000 feet is a real challenge. I had to take into account every detail, from variations in palate caused by altitude to adapted cooking methods. After countless hours of culinary testing, I am sincerely satisfied with the result, and I am convinced that VEDA’s dishes on board offer travelers exceptional diversity and flavors. »

As Cathay Pacific is firmly committed to becoming a more sustainable airline, it continues to continually improve by adopting eco-responsible practices to enrich the dining experiences offered. By exploring vegetarian alternatives and opting for more environmentally friendly use of resources for its catering equipment, the airline aims to provide its customers with a more sustainable dining experience. In 2022, it reduced its consumption of single-use plastic by 56% compared to the 2018 baseline », We can read in the Cathay Pacific press release.

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