Carbon-free aviation: LanzaJet joins ATAG (Air Transport Action Group)

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LanzaJet, producer of SAF, is a subsidiary of the American firm LanzaTech, which specializes in the recycling of CO2 using biotechnological processes.

A very dynamic player in the production of SAF (“Sustainable aviation fuel”), LanzaJet, has joined the ATAG (Air Transport Action Group). This is the first that a producer of SAF, created in 2022 as a subsidiary of LanzaTech, which produces methanol-based fuel from recycled CO2 through the action of bacteria, will join ATAG, a global association that represents the commitment of the global aviation sector to achieve “net zero” CO2 emissions by 2050, reaffirmed at the 40th General Assembly of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) under the form of the “LTAG” (“Long Term Aspirational Goal”).

Collective approach

Haldane Dodd, Executive Director of ATAG, said that “by joining the global association, LanzaJet will join forces with many business leaders, airlines, airports and organizations to champion sustainable best practices, promote , and support the development and implementation of sustainable aviation solutions”. “Our ‘Waypoint 2050’ analysis outlines the various potential paths to achieving ‘net zero’ in aviation. All are largely dependent on a rapid transition from fossil fuels to SAF. This could cost $1.45 trillion over the next three decades and requires a collective effort from the aviation industry, governments, the financial community, and new energy companies like LanzaJet. This transition is a challenge, but also an opportunity and we will have to have everyone on deck. By joining ATAG, LanzaJet also underlines the importance of this collective approach”, explains Haldane Dodd.

Strong involvement of LanzaJet in decarbonization

“At LanzaJet, we have long believed in working directly with the aviation industry to address pressing decarbonization goals and see it as imperative to support the Air Transport Action Group in their collective endeavor,” explains for his part. from Jimmy Samartzis, CEO of LanzaJet.

LanzaJet converts ethanol from a variety of sustainable feedstocks (“AtJ” or “Alcohol-to-Jet) into SAF. This sustainable aviation fuel helps reduce CO2 emissions by 70% overall LanzaJet, via its parent company LanzaTech, is particularly involved in the DRAGON project, which aims to create an SAF (Alcohol-to-Jet) production unit in Port Talbot (Wales, in Swansea Bay) from 2025.

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