Car rental: go on a self-drive hunt for UFOs…

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After the recent controversy over “alien mummies” exhibited at the Mexican Congress a few days ago, “UFO mania” is once again in the spotlight.

The Scottish daily The Scottish Sun ( published the news about the proposed road trip across Europe to sites where there are more chances of encountering aliens. It is launched by the vehicle rental company, which offers to rent a car for a circuit of 8 stages in different countries of the Old Continent where sightings have already taken place.

We start from Belgiumwhere between 1989 and 1990 a series of triangular UFO sightings were reported, then continue towards the Swiss, where in Schmidrüti and Berg Rumlikon in the 1970s, a citizen claimed to have been in contact with extraterrestrials from the Pleiades star cluster. Next step in France, in Trans-en-Provence, where in 1981 a UFO seems to have left burnt residue on a field, then we arrive in Italy, in Florence, where in October 1954 a Fiorentina match was interrupted by mysterious hovering UFOs. above the Artemio Franchi stadium.

The journey continues in Albaniawhere in 2006, in the village of Roskovec, residents claimed that a UFO had landed in their town, then in Romaniawhich in February this year took off military planes after authorities spotted mysterious objects in the sky.

The last two steps are Polandwhere a flying saucer was spotted by a cyclist, who also managed to take a photo of the object in the town of Jastrowo and theGermanywhere in Nuremberg there was a first massive distant UFO sighting in 1561.

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