Canopée, the Ariane 6 transporter, baptized in Bordeaux

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Every weekend, an image that made the news or caught our attention. On October 5, the inaugural act of the transport cargo of the future European heavy launcher took place. We were there.

An incredulous public

During a stopover in Bordeaux, under a bright sun, the transport cargo ship for the future European heavy launcher was christened on October 5 by Captain Yann Moguerou and Madame Berud, the wife of the group’s president. Jifmar Offshore Services, owner of the vessel.

Around 300 people were invited to the ceremony, which included Martin Sionthe executive chairman ofArianeGroupand representatives of the written and audiovisual press, local and national – including Airlines and Destinations.

The event also attracted many onlookers, intrigued by the unusual presence on the quays of the Port de la Lune of such a monument (121 m long and 22 m wide), equipped with its four large retractable sails, inspired by aircraft wings, 36 m high.

A key position in cost reductions

These sails should make it possible to save 30% to 35% of fuel during the transatlantic crossings of the cargo ship, which will greatly contribute to reducing the program’s logistical expenses. Ariane 6.

This is what confirms Christophe Caralpthe supply chain director at ArianeGroup, who explains: “To be competitive and manage to reduce costs by 40 to 50% across the entire program, we sought to review the entire supply chain. supply and all logisticsAriane 6. So, when we know that the fuel item represents approximately 70% of the costs of transporting the launcher to the GuyanaI’ll let you do the calculation when we manage to reduce consumption by 30% to 35%, while developing more responsible transport…”

The day after its baptism, the hybrid ship and its crew of eleven people had already left, heading Breamin Germany.

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