Canada urged to step up security on Air India flights from Vancouver and Toronto

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An unverified video circulating on social networks warns people not to travel on Air India THE November 19 because they would be in danger. India asks Canada to strengthen security on flightsAir India.

India has asked Canada to strengthen the security of Air India flights, including those departing from Vancouver and of Toronto, but Canadian authorities have not yet confirmed that they have put airports on alert. An unverified video threat circulating on social networks since Saturday is reported by several media outlets in India. A threat is made by the lawyer of the secessionist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. He warns the Sikhs, in Punjabi: “Do not travel with Air India after November 19, your lives may be in danger. » This sentence is repeated twice. In a statement released with the video, Pannun called for a “global blockade” of the airline between Vancouver And London.

In response to a question from Hindustan Times, Indian High Commissioner in Ottawa, Sanjay Kumar Verma, said he took the threat against Air India flights to and from Canada seriously, and informed the relevant Canadian authorities. Air India operates several weekly direct flights between the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver and New Delhi. Metro Vancouver travel agencies say the threat has “increased concerns” regarding flights that day and in general, and that it comes at a time when the industry was slowly returning to normal following the lifting of India’s ban on processing visas for Canadian travelers in India.

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