Canada: Toronto-Billy Bishop will host a pre-clearance service for the United States

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The airport manager Toronto Billy Bishop announced that the platform would host an installation of the United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP).

The facility, scheduled to open in 18 months, will offer passengers at Toronto-Billy Bishop Airport the option of clearing customs in Toronto rather than upon arrival at an airport in the United States. This pre-clearance service will also allow travelers to access new destinations in the United States, where some smaller airports are not yet equipped with a USCBP facility and therefore cannot accommodate passengers without not pre-cleared.

Establishing a pre-clearance system will promote bilateral trade, make travel more convenient for business and leisure travelers, and enhance national security. In addition, the new facility will use the latest generation technologies, including facial recognition to increase the efficiency of the process that travelers must follow.“, can we read in the announcement the airport authority, PortsToronto.

Currently, there are 15 USCBP preclearance facilities worldwide, located in 6 countries – including Canada. Eight Canadian airports now offer a pre-clearance service – Toronto airport will be the ninth to offer such a service.

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