Canada: Porter Airlines launches mobile app

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Porter Airlines throw a mobile app to further simplify thetravel experience of its passengers.

The Porter Airlines app is designed to enhance self-service options, giving passengers more control over their itinerary and easy access to key features in one place. They have the ability to check in, view their reservation, select seats, add baggage, change their flight, retrieve their boarding pass and receive real-time flight notifications.

The app uses Porter’s classic graphic design, showcasing the well-known style and charm of the Canadian airline and the brand’s mascot, the raccoon known as Mr. Porter. The app can be downloaded from App Store and Google Store. More information is available at

Kevin Jackson, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Porter Airlines, explains how important it is for the airline, which plans to enter a dozen new markets in the coming years, to maintain and enhance the ease of travel that are accustomed to his clients : ” Porter’s app improves communications and lets passengers take control of their experience, instead of waiting to speak to an airport representative or call center agent “.

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