Caesars for responsible travel (another…): Kappa Club is the winner

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Who doesn’t have his prize, his cup, his trophy… This price mismanagement never ends. We feel a little obligated to let readers know, but frankly, the number of awards shows is getting insane. It must be said that, very often, it is the newspaper publishers who organize these fiestas… to survive. Indeed, journalism no longer pays enough. This time it’s about the Caesars of responsible travel. The poor sculptor must be turning in his grave.

Kappa Club and the Green Challenge

In October 2022, Kappa Club, pioneer of the immersive and authentic travel club, presented the Green Challenge initiative to the Césars du Voyage Responsable. 5 months later, the initiative receives the distinction of the professional award.

A significant turning point in the history of the tour operator, which had redoubled its efforts since 2019, the year in which Kappa Club was labeled Acting For Responsible Tourism (a first in France for a travel club).

Kappa Club celebrates its 10th anniversary and its first diploma!

As a sublime and timely reward, this consecration celebrates the tenth anniversary of the creation of Kappa Club and of joint efforts with tourism professionals to optimize its concept, year after year.

“We are happy to see that our partners have understood our approach. By granting us their votes and their trust, tourism professionals are honoring our approach aimed at contributing to the local economy and the development of societal and environmental associations committed to the destination”, rejoices Virginie Florin, CSR manager of Kappa Club.

The green challenge

For 2 years, Kappa Club has been offering the Green Challenge within its clubs. Throughout their stay, the children of travelers get involved in a playful and educational way in local life. For each good deed recorded on the dedicated application, they collect points, the Kap’Pépites. These points are then converted into donations, redistributed to local associations.

At present, Kappa Club collaborates with six local associations and NGOs, spread from Mauritius to Crete via Greece or Spain. Thanks to them, they can help to participate in the reforestation of plots destroyed by fires, participate in sporting and festive meetings with underprivileged children, clean the beaches during beach-cleaning sessions or even participate in the rehabilitation of sea turtles. .

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