Cabin baggage: EU votes for free

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The European Parliament, in plenary session, approved this morning by a large majority a resolution from the EU Petitions Committee on “standardized dimensions of hand luggage” by which it “encourages” the European Commission to intervene to harmonize the rules regarding weights, measurements and free hands. luggage for all EU flights.

An announced and very important step because, once the indications are implemented through the subsequent legislative and regulatory stages, airlines would be obliged to guarantee passengers the possibility of boarding free of charge and without additional costs compared to the price of the ticket.

The rule – as we had already announced a few days ago – seems precisely intended to defuse the practices of some of the large low-cost airlines which, through priority and ancillary purchasing mechanisms, tend to sell rates that do not include the possibility of bringing your hand luggage on board.

EU: hand luggage must be free in the cabin, according to Parliament

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