But where do the French go in motorhomes?

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CamperDays, the specialist in nomadic campervan or van travel, reveals the first booking trends for French people for the All Saints’ Day holidays (from October 21 to November 6).

  • This year, French travelers have clearly made their favorite destinations known: United States, New Zealand and Great Britain have emerged as the most popular choices.
  • However, what makes this year exceptional is the booking dynamics as CamperDays observed a growth of +72% of reservations compared to the previous period the All Saints’ Day holidays (from 09/30 to 10/16), and growth of +224% of reservations compared to the following period (from 8/11 to 04/12). Even though last-minute vacations continue to gain momentum and reservations are not yet complete, the first trends are emerging.
  • Despite slightly more moderate growth compared to last year, the preferences of French travelers have evolved noticeably. In 2022, Norway had captured the imagination of French travelers, but this year it is less fashionable. In place, Britain is the big star, with a spectacular 200% increase compared to the previous year.
  • This data reflects the constant evolution of the tastes and desires of French adventurers, ready to explore new destinations for their getaways in a motorhome or van.
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