Budget 2024: tax plane tickets or tax airport concessions?

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The government “do not confirm» the abandonment of a additional tax on plane tickets to finance the railway, indicated last evening the Ministries of Economy and Transportreacting to information published in The echoes.

Bercy, which has never confirmed a tax on plane tickets, does not confirm the abandonment of a tax on plane tickets» as part of the 2024 draft budget, said a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Economy. “I don’t confirm anything», Dodged a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport.

According to The echoesthe latest decisions around the finance bill for 2024 suddenly sounded the alarm for this system» on plane tickets. “It was necessary to avoid double punishment with regard to the aviation sector“, explained to the newspaper “someone close to the case“, while “Since this summer, Bercy has been concocting another tax offensive in parallel » aimed at taxing airport concessions (just as he will tax highway concessions to finance the train).

Still according to Les Echos, “the criteria currently retained by Bercy would amount to targeting the four main regional platforms (the airports of Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Toulouse), as well as the Paris airports of ADP (Aéroports de Paris)“. “The executive expects that the tax “on airports” will then be passed on to airlines», adds the newspaper.

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