Budget 2024: Clément Beaune confirms a “tax contribution” for air travel

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While the newspaper The echoes claimed that the government had abandoned the idea of ​​a increase in ecotax on plane ticketsClément Beaune, the Minister of Transport, declared yesterday on France Info that “discussions continue since the finance bill will be presented next week“.

Two options are still under study: tax airports or tax plane tickets (and also motorway concessions) to finance the train? The government has not yet fully defined the modalities before the presentation of the Finance bill for 2024 next week, according to the Minister of Transport. “The contribution of the airline sector for several hundred million, that will be the case, the exact modality, direct or indirect taxation of plane tickets, is still under discussion“, he explained.

At the microphone of France InfoClément Beaune reiterated on Tuesday the need to “make polluting modes of transport, mainly roads and planes, contribute to the ecological transition, to finance the train and to decarbonize“.

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