BtoB: Vueling calls on Sprinklr to improve the customer experience

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Vueling chose the platform Sprinklr powered by AI to improve thecustomer experience on social media across all digital channels.

Sprinklr brings its know-how to Vueling, unifying its social media customer service and marketing departments into a single collaborative environment as part of its digital transformation. With Sprinklr, Vueling can collaborate internally to make smarter, faster decisions, and also extend its customer service across social media, across all major channels to respond quickly to customers.

The Spanish low cost, which transports more than 34 million passengers each yearis engaged in a company-wide digital transformation program, called “ Vueling Transform ”, in order to gain competitiveness and also efficiency. As part of its digital transformation strategy, it wants to direct its customers to its social networks while offering them a more personalized experience focused on their needs.

As part of our continued desire to focus our efforts around transformation to improve the customer journey, we have integrated Sprinklr into our social media operations. This integration has allowed us to optimize our processes, resulting in more efficient resource allocation, focusing more on quality rather than quantity. “, explains Rodolfo Moreira, Director of Customer Experience at Vueling. “ Sprinklr equips us with a comprehensive suite of features that allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, including when it comes to using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence. This strategic approach not only improves our operational efficiency, but it also ensures that we remain agile by adapting to the fact that social media is constantly evolving, as is customer engagement. »

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