BtoB: Virgin Atlantic adopts predictive maintenance from AFI KLM E&M

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Virgin Atlantic and AFI KLM E&M signed an agreement organizing the deployment of solutions Prognosis for Aircraft on the fleet of 17 Boeing 787 of the British airline.

Virgin Atlantic will thus benefit from AFI KLM E&M’s expertise in predictive maintenance, through its innovative program “ House » Prognos, whose objective is to optimize the value generated by maintenance programs, in operational and economic terms.

Prognos for Aircraft aims to introduce a dose of anticipation in the planning of maintenance operations of equipment and components, controlled using AI/Big Data technologies. A concrete application consists in particular of predicting failures up to 50 flights before they take effect, in order to organize early removals for exchange or repair, avoiding OAG (Aircraft on Ground) situations which are detrimental in operational terms. . The implementation of this predictive maintenance will be added to the Equipment support provided by AFI KLM E&M since 2014, already designed to guarantee a high level of availability, in order to best cover Virgin Atlantic’s 787 fleet.

“Predictive maintenance is a new paradigm for the industry, holding significant promise for an operator such as Virgin Atlantic. AFI KLM E&M already has solid know-how on the subject, and a dedicated tool recognized with Prognos®, which is already powered by numerous data from the 787 fleets of Air France-KLM and other customers. . Virgin Atlantic will be able to rely on this program to further improve the reliability of our operations for our customers, while generating significant efficiency gains,” commented Neil Ambidge, Director of Engineering & Maintenance at Virgin Atlantic.

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