BtoB: SITA delivers 400 new check-in kiosks to Air France-KLM

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SITAa provider of technological solutions to air transport, is modernizing the existing fleet of 400 self-service kiosks of the group Air France-KLM in airports Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam-Schiphol and other airport platforms in Europe, by offering new functionalities to passengers, such as contactless and smartphone payments.

The new kiosks are equipped with a payment service that uses PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant chip and pin terminals to accept ancillary charges, including through contactless cards and smartphones. SITA’s kiosk payment service complies with the European PSD2 SCA law as it provides two-factor authentication. SITA’s payment solution is unique from others in the airline industry as it is also PCI compliant point-to-point encryption (P2PE). This capability increases security and saves airlines the time and cost of complying with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

By using SITA’s next-generation TS6 kiosks, Air France-KLM is able to customize the kiosks according to the specific needs of its customers without introducing additional complexity or cost. Thanks to the modular design of the TS6, it is possible to replace and change individual components years later, which guarantees the longevity of the terminals and will make it easier for Air France-KLM to introduce new functionalities in the future, such as biometrics.

Sergio Colella, President of SITA Europe, said: “With the continued growth in passenger numbers, digitizing passenger travel with new self-service options will be vital. It will streamline the flow of passengers through the airport and give travelers more control over their journey. I am pleased that we were able to provide Air France-KLM with a scalable solution to meet traveler demand“.

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