BtoB: Intelsat’s IFC offer available on all Airbus aircraft

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Intelsatthe operator of one of the largest satellite and terrestrial networks in the world, as well as one of the main in-flight connectivity providers (IFC), announced that its multi-orbit network offerings, based on satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary orbit (GEO), will be available to airlines and aircraft lessors operating Airbus.

From aircraft deliveries planned for the first half of 2026, airlines will be able to choose the solution Airbus Airspace Link (HBCplus), which uses the ESA Ku-band terminal, designed for simultaneous connections to Intelsat’s GEO network and LEO networks, such as OneWeb. “ This data routing plan will deliver premium IFC service with unmatched global resiliency, low latency and high throughput that are unique to Intelsat », according to the satellite operator. As part of the agreement, Airbus will provide installation management of the Airspace Link system during commissioning and upgrades, as well as associated in-service support.

The new combined multi-orbit IFC service is proof of the successful cooperation between Airbus and Intelsat teams in the context of developing joint solutions in response to customer demands », underlines Maximilian Ruecker, Vice President Purchasing Cabin Seats – In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) at Airbus. “ Intelsat’s innovative use of GEO and LEO satellites to seamlessly deliver a combined multi-orbit solution fits with the confusing nature of the Airspace Link open ecosystem. »

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