BtoB: IAG opts for autonomous solutions without operator from Aurrigo

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IAG (International Consolidated Airlines), parent company of British Airwayschose Aurrigo for the deployment of intelligent vehicles without operator in airports in the UK.

Headquartered in Coventry, England, Aurrigo provides autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies to airlines and airports, for ground handling and cargo. As part of the partnership with IAG, an evaluation and simulation phase will begin in October and last for four months before being followed by a demonstration phase and initial deployment within the British Airways fleet of vehicles during the first half of 2025.

Among the services deployed, Aurrigo cites the Auto-DollyTug autonomous baggage vehicle, the Auto-Cargo autonomous air cargo vehicle and Aurrigo’s Auto-Sim operations simulation software. “This partnership with one of the world’s largest airline groups is a great recognition of the capabilities of our technology and the potential of automation to improve efficiency and meet the challenges of modern aviation“, said David Keene, Managing Director of Aurrigo.

In addition to providing its solutions to freight carriers such as UPS, Aurrigo also secured a contract with Changi Airport in Singapore in February to provide it with intelligent, unmanned vehicles.

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