BtoB: Cirium launches six new air transport analysis tools

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Ciriumspecialist in aviation analysis toolsintroduces a new series of products to help the airline industry “accelerate its digital transformation and its sustainable development objectives“.

New possibilities offered by the new tools include accurate forecasting of CO emissions for flights, the value and carbon footprint of a fleet, aircraft assets, real-time position of aircraft, in-depth analysis of advance reservations, etc.

As part of its aviation analytics solution Cirium Skythere will be three new products:
Cirium Sky Warehouse presents a wealth of historical and prospective aviation data and analysis for strategic planning and post-operational analysis. It is available through Snowflake or Amazon Redshift software.
Cirium Sky API Emissions provides real-time CO emissions information for every flight scheduled in the future, enabling booking tools to provide carbon reduction information for business travel.
Cirium Sky Stream Positional offers a live stream of aircraft position data in real time.

Two new products are unveiled as part of Cirium Ascendwhich offers a 360 degree view of aeronautical assets, past, present and future:
Cirium Ascend Risk Analytics enables aviation lenders to monitor and benchmark the use of aviation assets in their portfolio and inform CO2 reduction strategies.
Cirium Ascend Value Trends provides key value and liquidity indicators for different aircraft asset classes so lenders can improve return on investment and understand aircraft value risk.

Finally, as part of Cirium Diio for airports, the state-of-the-art solution for managing and optimizing the planning of networks and aircraft movements worldwide, a new Advanced booking tool will allow airport operators to analyze booking trends and gain more proactive insight into passenger demand.

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