BtoB: Cirium and Aireon in partnership for space tracking of aircraft

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Ciriuman aviation analysis company, and Aireonspecialist in aircraft space trackingare extending their partnership to offer live analytics And aircraft positioning history.

After conducting extensive market research, Cirium identified Aireon as the leader in this space with the best end-to-end capabilities in terms of data capture, coverage and quality. This ensures that Cirium matches the most accurate positional information to specific aircraft identifier and flight number for easy integration into airline and fleet tracking use cases. Data is also merged with critical analytics in Cirium’s Core solution, including aircraft utilization and flight history data.

As Aireon’s selected partner to market these analytics, Cirium integrates its own schedules, fleet, flight status, weather and emissions data with Aireon’s global satellite coverage of flight positions to create a comprehensive end-to-end flow of data. Aireon’s satellite positional data provides comprehensive coverage of all modern, ADS-B-equipped aircraft worldwide, including aircraft flying at low altitudes, over oceans or mountainous regions, which do not cannot be tracked via ground receivers.

The enriched level of aircraft positional information will give airlines complete visibility into their networks, helping to improve operational efficiency, reduce fuel burn and mitigate disruption to passengers. The analysis can be viewed through several methods that integrate optimally with existing IT systems such as a live stream, API, database and bespoke solutions.

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