BtoB: Brussels Airlines and ML Tours in partnership for connections between Belgium and Morocco

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Brussels Airlines and the tour operator ML Tours have signed a partnership agreement covering four connections between Belgium and Moroccofor a period up to 2025.

Brussels Airlines and ML Tours thus meet the needs of passengers who regularly travel between Belgium and Morocco for visits to family and relatives. The two partners will initially guarantee the availability of 175,000 seats between Brussels and Nador, Tangier, Oujda and Al Hoceima. Flights between Brussels and the last three cities will be mainly scheduled flights during the summer season, while the connection between Brussels and Al Hoceima will be operated all year round in the form of charter flights.

Brussels Airlines and ML Tours have been working together for years to offer flights to northern Morocco. This collaboration has now resulted in a partnership that provides both parties with greater certainty of available capacity over the next three years. ML Tours can increase its offer to Al Hoceima, Nador, Oudja and Tangier and ensure a stable number of passengers for Brussels Airlines. The agreements are mainly important for Belgian customers, but also for Dutch travelers. We know that these are increasingly using the offer of flights departing from Brussels says Yavuz Kara, CEO of ML Tours, an agency specializing in travel from Belgium and the Netherlands to Morocco.

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