Brussels Airport: summer traffic up 5%

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During the months of July and August 2023, Brussels Airport welcomed nearly 4.6 million passengersbe one increase of 5% compared to summer 2022.

In August, 2,260,496 passengers passed through Brussels Airport, an increase of 5% compared to August 2022. There are almost 200,000 more passengers arriving than departing, which is logical at the end of the holiday period. The share of departing transfer passengers is 15%, particularly on major routes between Europe and North America and Africa.

THE ten most visited countries during the month of August were respectively Spain, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Number of flight movements increased very slightly by 1% in August 2023 compared to 2022. The number of passenger flights increased by 3% compared to 2022. There were on average 148 passengers per flight, three more than in August 2022, thanks to the use of larger aircraft and a higher occupancy rate per flight. The number of cargo flights decreased by 3% compared to August 2022.

In August, the air freight volumes at Brussels Airport fell very slightly by 1%, totaling 49,189 tonnes. The full cargo segment recorded a decline of 8%, in line with the global trend, while cargo transport on passenger flights recorded an increase of 2%, as did the express services segment (+4%). . Total freight volumes recorded a decrease of 6% compared to August 2022, totaling 58,376 tonnes.

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