Brussels Airport: more than 2 million passengers at Brussels Airport in June

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In the month of June, Brussels Airport (Brussels-Zaventem) hosted more than 2 million passengersbe one 17% increase compared to June 2022.

This is the second month in a row that the Belgian capital’s airport has seen over 2 million passengers. A figure which is largely explained by the approach of the summer holidays in Flemish education, with many passengers departing at the end of June.

The part of transfer passengers at Brussels Airport to their holiday destination was 15% in June, an increase of 33% compared to 2022.”Brussels airport is and remains an important hub for travel from Europe and North America to Africa“, emphasizes Brussels Airport. The ten most visited countries in June were Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, the United States, Portugal, Morocco and the United Kingdom.

Number of flight movements increased by 9% in June 2023 compared to 2022. The number of passenger flights increased by 14% compared to 2022. The average occupancy rate per flight was 142 passengers, compared to 139 in June 2022. The number of cargo flights decreased by 8% compared to June 2022.

Besides, the air freight volumes at Brussels Airport fell by 4%, totaling 50,136 tonnes. The segment of full cargo flights recorded a drop of 21%, in line with the global trend, while the transport of cargo on board passenger flights experienced an increase (+7%), as did the segment of express services (+10%). ). The main import regions are Asia (-11% compared to June 2022), Africa (+7% compared to 2022) and North America (-6% compared to 2022). The main export region is also Asia (-11% compared to 2022), followed by North America (+0.2%) and Africa (-16%).

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