Brussels Airport: a future parking lot for staff and car rental companies

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The work began at Brussels Airport (Brussels-Zaventem), in the P30 car park located opposite the drop-off zone, to set up a new 8-storey car park.

By the end of 2025, this future car park will cover a total area of ​​90,000 m² and will offer a total of 2,700 parking spaces for the airport staff and the car rental services. Passengers wishing to rent a car can get there directly from the terminal using a covered walkway. It will be connected to the airport terminal by a covered walkway. It will also free up more parking spaces in public car parks for travelers coming by car. It will have a total of 617 charging stations for electric cars.

The preparatory work is expected to be completed by mid-December, after which the actual construction work can begin. The current P30 staff car park will be replaced by this future 8-storey car park which is scheduled to open at the end of 2025/beginning of 2026.

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