British authorities accuse Etihad of greenwashing

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Etihad is no longer allowed to use two advertisements in England due to allegations of greenwashing. The Gulf airline is also pilloried in Australia for the same reasons.

In these commercials, Etihad mentions its investments in fuel-efficient aircraft, research into sustainable aviation fuels and carbon offsetting. However, the UK advertising industry’s self-regulatory body, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), argues that this is misleading advertising, because consumers may mistakenly assume that flying with Etihad is absolutely durable. Which is not the case, because there is still no technology that would allow absolutely sustainable flight, according to the ASA.

The airline is also struggling in Australia, where environmental activists contacted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission after Etihad announced its goal of zero emissions by 2050. These estimates of net zero emissions before the deadline are not credible, campaigners say.

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