Brazilian influencer refused on board for “inappropriate” outfit

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Kine Chana influencer Brazilian 21 year old model on onlyfanswas turned away at Navegantes International Airport, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, for an outfit, which was not “validated” by the agents…

Unusual. Kine-Chan likes to talk about himself on Instagram and affirm his passion through what is called the cosplay. This fashion consists of playing the role of a fictional character by imitating, even refining his costume, his hair. The themes are taken from manga characters, comics, Japanese animations, series On the social network, everything is going well: pretty poses, funny outfits, sometimes light and little cheeky faces… But the reality of a airport can be quite different. What she faced for a flight departing from a Brazilian international airport because of her cosplay of Rebecca (one of the main characters of the anime “ cyberpunk : Edgerunners”). It is specified that the young woman had indeed to go to an event of this kind.

Kine-Chan did not hide anything, even willingly had himself photographed in his role of Rebecca, with her black bikini, a turquoise blue wig and small black sandals. She says on her account instagram : “I tried to board Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca cosplay for an event. I already knew I could be late, so I got dressed (in Rebecca cosplay) so as not to waste time and to be able to go directly on the plane. But I was told to go home and change my clothes because what I was wearing was not ‘appropriate’.”.

Refusal of airport agents, broadcast of the “event” on Instagram. Feelings and reactions, sometimes contrasting, on social networks, Kine-Chan having more than 600,000 followers… “Congratulations to the airport team, but we know it was a strategy to get out in the media and popularize your Instagram account, good strategy despite the lack of respect for others”, commented a user. And another : “Kine I love you but for God’s sake… You could have put on an easier outfit like a dress or even a button up blouse”, wrote another. The fact is that she still managed to create the buzz, without having to take off… from the airport.

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