Brazil: Boeing inaugurates an engineering and technology center for the production of SAF

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Boeing opened yesterday technology and engineering center in Brazilwith the aim of benefiting from the expertise of a leading country in production of sustainable aviation fuel (FAS).

Based in São José dos Campos (SP), where Boeing began operations in 2014, the engineering center is an extension of the American aircraft manufacturer’s strategic investments in Brazil, where it employs approximately 500 engineers to support current programs and future. The opening of the center comes more than three years after Boeing pulled out of a billion-dollar deal to buy the commercial division of local plane maker Embraer. The aircraft manufacturer did not specify the amount of its investments in Brazil.

Our investments in Brazil are significant and reflect the fact that Boeing views the country as a strategic partner in solving some of the biggest challenges in the global aerospace industry said Landon Loomis, Boeing president for Latin America and the Caribbean. “ By expanding our collaboration in Brazil, the country can also play a greater role in meeting the $8 trillion global demand for commercial aircraft over the next 20 years “, he added.

For Boeing, Brazil has the potential to become one of the main global players in the SAF market for global air transport, which has set the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. Decarbonization air transport will largely depend on the development and increase in the production of SAF from renewable resources such as vegetable oils or waste. And Brazil is a world leader in biofuels such as ethanol.

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