Bravo Club: A new brochure valid until summer 2024

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A rapid launch of sales for 2024 as customers book earlier and earlier. This involves benefiting from the best air fares, especially in flexible formulas (Flex) where travelers choose their own airport and departure day. This is one of the messages launched by Patrice Caradec, boss of Bravo Club.

A brochure of almost 200 pages

We can find the entire Bravo offer in Winter 2023 and Summer 2024. You can also consult it HERE. 26 Bravo Club on a human scale, friendly entertainment and 14 SeaClub, 4 or 5 star hotels and always next to the beach. Depending on the season, there are major destinations like Egypt, the Dominican Republic, the Maldives, Madagascar… and many nearby countries.

100,000 brochures are available for travel agencies. For the moment, there is no question of sticking only to electronics. However, every year Bravo reduces the stock by 10,000 paper brochures.

Patrice Caradec

30,000 customers in 2023

“Summer 2023 will be our reference” announces Patrice Caradec, president of Bravo Clubs. The tour operator of Italian origin announces 30,000 customers and just over 30 million euros in turnover (i.e. 11% more than in 2019). However, the summer months were disappointing, particularly on long haul flights. The closest destinations performed well such as Tunisia (+70%), Greece (+35%), the Balearic Islands (+40%). Morocco with an increase of 25% on the only Bravo club in Agadir.

SeaClub Mauritius

The long haul was disappointing

Patrice Caradec hides nothing. The team was disappointed with sales on long-haul destinations with the exception of Zanzibar. The reasons would be the price of air travel, inflation and competition. Airline prices have suffered exaggerated increases (25% on average). Land services showed increases of 8 to 10%.

Very strong competition and yet unequal quality

The offer in France is plentiful and it presents quality products. Most tour operators have their clubs. It is difficult for travel agencies to choose the most qualitative formula. Patrice Caradec specifies that the competitor on the French market could be NG Travel (Kappa and Coralia). Presenting quality clubs is not an easy task. It’s about finding the right hotel, the right location, well-trained facilitators…

The opportunity for Bravo is to support the clubs selected by Bravo headquarters (Alpitour). The company is now the leading tourism group in Italy.

Flexibility is part of the strategy

Patrice Caradec confirms “We favored this strategy. Especially since we are well aware that we do not yet have a great reputation among the general public”. The Bravo brand is great though. He adds: “the flexibility of the product can be adapted to all requests, both in terms of duration and air travel, departure airports”

Some customers are absolutely not opposed to booking a low-cost flight. This is why many customers book their summer vacation very early. There are fewer and fewer last minute offers or promotions.

A relatively low average price

Bravo would have an average basket at around 1,000 euros per person for an average length of stay of 7 to 8 days. The relatively low price comes from the flexibility of the tour operator. Guests can book a 3 or 4 day stay. Moreover, Patrice Caradec specifies that in 2023, there will have been few requests for 15-day stays. The French are suffering from the rise in prices in general but our German or English neighbors and even the Italians do not skimp on their holidays.

We find of course the SeaClubs

These are 4 to 5 star hotels and around 200 to 250 rooms. There are now more than 30 SeaClubs (more than 40 in 2024) shared with Italian customers. The formula is aimed in particular at a clientele of couples who are looking for high-quality accommodation and impeccable catering. SeaClubs are mostly located on a beach. They are found in Madagascar (Nossi be), Mauritius, Vietnam…

JC Plancke

Technology to sell better

Bravo is accessible on Orchestra among the many offers that the system presents. The arrival of Jean-Christophe Plancke (ex Look or Salaün) is important in order to make the Bravo offer even more accessible to agencies. It is to highlight that the professional space Well done provides more information for the seller.

Sébastien Mano

90% of sales are made by agencies

Bravo particularly wants to be close to travel agencies. The sales department will provide technical sheets, newsletters, videos on hotels and personalized IT assistance for distribution.

Bravo wants to develop groups

The TO already receives numerous requests for groups (from 10 to 100 people). Unfortunately, until now, no follow-up has been carried out. From now on, the team in charge of the groups will be reinforced.

Optimism is essential

Bravo in 2024 forecasts a volume of 42 million turnover for 40,000 customers. The team is recruiting facilitators and professionals within the team.

The luck of Bravo Club in France is its team united around its boss Patrice Caradec. This one is a true tourism professional that we have been working with for a good forty years (Pierre et vacances – Airtour – jet tours and Look). He is assisted by Sébastien Mano and now by JC Plancke.

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