Bordeaux-Mérignac: launch of a study on noise pollution

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There Gironde prefecture announced yesterday the launch of an impact study according to the balanced approach » to theBordeaux-Merignac airportpaving the way for possible air traffic restrictions for the comfort of residents.

This study is carried out with the departments of the South-West Civil Aviation Safety Departments (DSAC-SO). It aims to establish a diagnosis, to identify issues, to define noise reduction objectives, to build scenarios to achieve these objectives, to assess the acoustic, health and socio-economic impacts and to determine the scenario or scenarios that have the best cost-effectiveness ratio.

The restrictions adopted may cover, for example, traffic cap rules, restrictions based on the nature of the flights, acoustic performance or time slots, particularly at night. A first meeting will be held on September 25 with all the stakeholders (airport, companies, associations, elected officials, consular chambers, etc.) in order to present the objectives, the specifications and the methods for carrying out this study.

The results of the study will be the subject of a public consultation following the opinion of the Consultative Commission for the Environment (CCE) and the Airport Nuisance Control Authority (ACNUSA). Then, the European Commission will have a period of three months to give its opinion on a proposal for a ministerial decree which will implement the restrictions.

Pending the results, the Gironde prefecture has asked civil aviation that the measures of the environmental noise prevention plan (PPBE) of Bordeaux-Mérignac, approved on December 21, 2022, be accelerated “ for the comfort of residents “.

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