survey of the 10 most hospitable countries in the world: France in 3rd position

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THE Traveler Review Awards – a ranking based on users’ reviews of accommodation and car and taxi rental companies that had an average rating above the minimum required as of November 30, 2022- placed Italy in the lead as the most hospitable country in the world, followed by Spain and France.

Based on more than 240 million user reviews, the site has recognized more than 1.4 million partners worldwide, here is the top 10 and the number of award-winning tourism partners:

1) Italy (170,638)

2) Spain (108,217)

3) France (103,365)

4) Germany (76,479)

5) Croatia (64,206)

6) Poland (60,721)

7) United Kingdom (60,697)

8) Greece (54,473)

9) Brazil (53,658)

10) United States (46,839)

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