Bomb threats: still 18 airports affected on the third day

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For the third consecutive day, French airports experienced a wave ofbomb threats this Friday. Ten were evacuated.

As the All Saints’ Day holidays begin, disruptions by threats of bomb attacks continue at French airports for the third day in a row. Eighteen regional airports were again targeted by bomb threats on Friday morning. Ten were evacuated, announced the Minister Delegate for Transport. “Since Wednesday, we have seen an increase in alerts, false bomb threats in our airports. And I want to say it very clearly, the smart guys or the little jokers who play this kind of game are in fact big idiots, even big delinquents”, said Clément Beaune during a press conference. Each airport is invited to carry complaint for each case of alert received, and the courts are seized, he recalled.

The perpetrators of these disorders risk 2 to 3 years of imprisonment recalled the minister: “Let all those who think they are making a bad joke, causing fear, know that this is an offense which is very seriously and very heavily punished, that they will be identified, and each of them will be punished. Two to three years of imprisonment are incurred and several tens of thousands of euros in fines. We will not hesitate, obviously, to apply them.”

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