Boeing: towards record production of 737 MAX in 2025?

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Boeing plans to bring production of its single-aisle 737 MAX at a record level of at least 57 devices per month by July 2025according to the agency Reuters which cites two sources informed of the matter.

This production rate would allow the American aircraft manufacturer to achieve the objective set several years ago and which was abandoned in 2019 after the grounding of all 737 MAXs around the world following two accidents. murderers in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Boeing’s new objectives were presented in an updated document for suppliers, according to these sources.

The new schedule calls for 737 MAX production to reach 42 aircraft per month by December 2023, confirming comments made by Stan Deal, the head of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, during an interview on Bloomberg TV in June. Then, monthly production should increase to an average of 47.2 devices in June 2024, then 52.5 in December 2024 before a regular rate of 57.7 copies per month in July 2025.

In its previous forecasts, Boeing predicted, according to sources, production of 52 aircraft per month by January 2025. Before the grounding of the 737 MAX in 2019, the group produced an average of 52,737 aircraft per month and was targeting a target of 57 .

Boeing’s initial objective, officially announced last November during an investor day, is 50 aircraft per month for the period 2025-2026. Its general manager, Dave Calhoun, however, suggested that an increase in the rate to 60 aircraft per month could be considered as the aircraft manufacturer increases its stock of orders, like the contract signed this year with Air India. for nearly 200 737 MAX.

For its part, Airbus confirmed in July its production objective for the family of A320neo single-aisle aircraftthe European aircraft manufacturer’s best-selling, 75 devices per month in 2026.

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