Boeing steps up inspections on its 737 MAX

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The American manufacturer Boeing and its supplier Spirit AeroSystems are extending their inspection work to the rear bulkhead of the 737 MAX.

Boeing, in conjunction with its supplier Spirit Aerosystem, has intensified inspections for quality defects in the rear bulkhead structure of the aircraft. 737 MAX, while it tries to stabilize its production. The problem identified last August in fuselages produced by Spirit Aerosystems involves mounting holes and non-compliant specifications in the pressurized rear bulkhead which touches approximately 165 737 MAX aircraft stored at the end of the second trimester. The expansion of the scope of inspections was reported by the specialist site The Air Current. According to the media, Boeing notified its first observations to the North American Civil Aviation Agency this week (FAA) and to its customers.

The default directly impacted deliveries from Boeing, which expects a financial loss in the third quarter. For example, he only delivered 15 single-aisle 737 MAX 8/9 this last month of September (286 737 MAX since early 2023). These delays are expected to generate negative margins similar to the first quarter of this year, when the operating margin was minus 9.2%. According to the aircraft manufacturer, the repair process will take longer and could impact delivery targets for its main product. Boeing’s latest projection estimates that between 400 and 450 Units of the 737 MAX would be delivered in fiscal 2023.

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