Boeing on the verge of obtaining certification of the 737 MAX-7 from the American regulator

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Boeing is about to get certification from the American regulator FAA (Federation Administration Aviation) for its single-aisle 737 MAX-7 and the green light to start flight tests formalities of 737 MAX-10according to the site Aviation Weekciting sources close to the matter.

The long-awaited certification of the 737 MAX-7, the smallest version of the 737 MAX family, is on track for the end of the year at the latest and could occur as soon as next month, these sources reported. Aviation Week. The schedule, which is consistent with statements made earlier this year by Mike Fleming, senior vice president of 737 MAX development programs and customer support, is expected to deliver the first examples to launch carrier Southwest Airlines in early 2024.

Regarding the 737 MAX-10, the smallest version of the 737 MAX family, Boeing is expected to obtain Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) from the FAA, allowing the Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) to intervene, step which marks the start of flight tests for certification. Boeing worked with the FAA to complete the newly required system safety assessments and human factors assumption validation. Assuming the TIA is granted by the end of the year and flight testing goes smoothly, Boeing would begin deliveries of the 737 MAX-10 in the first quarter of 2025, concluded Aviation Week.

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