Boeing in June: 304 orders and 60 deliveries

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Boeing recorded last month 304 gross ordersmost of which were ordered by Air India, and delivered to airlines, leasing companies or other armies 60 devices.

In June 2023, the American aircraft manufacturer received 304 gross orders, including 213 for the 737 MAX family (including 190 for the Indian national company, which had finalized its record order at the Paris Air Show, five for TUI Travel PLC, four for Akasa Air or ten unallocated among others), 61 787-9 Dreamliner (including twenty for Air India again, 39 for Riyadh Air and two for Air Lease Corp.), 26,777X (for Emirates and Air India) and four 777F not identified.

During the first six months of 2023, Boeing posted gross orders for 527 aircraft including 366 637 MAX, fifteen 767-2C in-flight tankers, five 777F freighters, 26 777X therefore, and 115 787 Dreamliner all models combined. Either 415 net orders after conversions and cancellations, and 567 net after updating ASC 606 standards.

Coast deliveriesTHE 60 planes given by Boeing to their customers last month include 48,737 MAX (12 for United Airlines, 11 for Ryanair or 7 for Southwest among others), a 737-800A for South Korea, 767-2C for the US Air Force, three freighters 767-300FA 777F for China Postal Airlines, and six 787 Dreamliner all models including a 787-10 for KLM).

Boeing has delivered 266 devices since the start of the year, including 211 re-engined single-aisle aircraft and 31 Dreamliners – two programs very affected by production and supply chain problems. At the end of June, its order book (backlog) had 4879 aircraft after adjustments related to the ASC 606 standard – against around 8000 for its rival Airbus.

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