Boeing 737 MAX: yet another problem with defective parts

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Boeing has identified a faulty workmanship on an element of 737 MAX Who “does not pose a security problembut goes again disrupt deliveries of its single-aisle aircraft, reported

During factory inspections, we identified mounting holes that did not meet our specifications in the aft pressure bulkhead of certain 737 aircraft“Said the American aircraft manufacturer yesterday. ” This is not an immediate flight safety issue for the 737 MAX fleet, which can continue to operate safely“, but the resolution of the problem was going to affect the deliveries in the short term, “while we carry out inspections to determine the number of aircraft affected and carry out the necessary restoration work“.

According to, the first media to reveal the information, the defective parts were supplied by Spirit AeroSystems. In April, quality problems linked to this same supplier on the fuselage of several aircraft models, including the 737 MAX, had already disrupted deliveries.

This is a new black series for the Boeing 737 MAX, competitor of the Airbus A320neo. Ten days ago, Canadian and American air regulators concluded that prolonged use of the 737 MAX’s anti-icing system, designed to prevent the formation of ice in the engine during operation, in dry air conditions could lead to damage to the engine inlet cover. They asked to limit the use of anti-icing in dry air to less than five minutes.

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