Boeing: 43 aircraft delivered and 52 orders in July

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In July 2023, Boeing delivered 43 planes to its customers – including 33 copies of the 737 MAX and one in the P8 military version – and ten long-haul aircraft (three 767s, three 777s in the cargo version and four 787s), according to data published yesterday.

The American aircraft manufacturer recorded 52 orders in July, including twelve 737 MAX single-aisle aircraft, one 777 in freighter version and 39 long-haul 787 Dreamliners from the Saudi airline Saudia. Since the beginning of the year, Boeing has received orders for 579 aircraft gross and 467 net (excluding cancellations and conversions). At the end of July, its order book reached 5,588 aircraft.

Between January and July 2022, Boeing delivered a total of 309 aircraft, including 243 copies of the 737 MAX, which more or less corresponds to all of the group’s deliveries, all models combined, over the same period of the previous year. It had indeed delivered 242 aircraft over the period last year.

At the end of July, Boeing management had confirmed delivery targets for the whole of 2023: 400 to 450 copies for the 737 and 70 to 80 for the 787. It also indicated that the monthly production rate for the 737 continued to increase to soon reach 38 devices (against 31 previously), with still the intention of increasing it to 50 per month by 2025-2026. For the 787, the objective is to increase to 10 by the same deadline (5 per month at the end of 2023).

Its European competitor Airbus delivered 65 aircraft and recorded 60 orders in July.

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