Boeing: 35 planes delivered and 43 orders in August

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The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing a book 35 planes in Augustits lowest figure since April, as it attempts to correct a manufacturing defect on its single-aisle 737 MAX.

Of the 35 aircraft delivered, 22 are 737 MAXs and 13 are wide-body aircraft – including five 787 Dreamliners, three 767s, three KC-46 tankers (767 modified for the US Air Force), two freighters for FedEx, as well as three 777 freighters. And during the first eight months of 2023, the American aircraft manufacturer handed over 344 aircraft to its customers, a jump compared to the same period last year still affected by the Covid pandemic. For comparison, over the same period, its European competitor Airbus delivered 433 planes, including 52 in August.

Also in August, Boeing recorded 43 new orders after taking into account two cancellations. By comparison, Airbus sold 117 planes last month. During the first eight months of the year, Boeing’s gross orders reached 624 units, or 510 net orders after accounting for cancellations, conversions, etc. For its part, Airbus recorded 1,257 gross orders, or 1,218 after cancellation.

Last week, Boeing acknowledged that a problem with misaligned bolt holes on the fuselage of its 737 MAX would cause delivery delays, but is confident of reaching 400 units delivered to its customers in 2023.

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