Boeing: 27 planes delivered and 224 planes ordered in September

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Boeing declared that its deliveries ofairliners had fallen to 27 in Septemberincluding 15 single-aisle 737 MAX 8/9.

This is the fourth lowest month for 737 MAX deliveries since deliveries resumed in December 2020 following a worldwide grounding following two deadly crashes, in Ethiopia in 2018 and Indonesia. in 2019. This low number of 737 MAXs delivered is explained by a manufacturing defect which caused poor alignment of the fixing holes of the rear pressure bulkhead of the single-aisle. The American aircraft manufacturer was forced to mobilize dozens of already assembled planes to inspect them.

In September, the American aircraft manufacturer recorded new orders for 224 aircraft and reported 10 cancellations. The new orders include 50 long-haul 787 Dreamliners from United Airlines.

During the first nine months of the year, Boeing delivered a total of 371 aircraft to customers, including 286 single-aisle 737 MAX aircraft, and secured 848 orders (exactly 724 net orders after accounting for cancellations and conversions). Its airliner order book increased from 4,971 to 5,172. September 2023 is the first month since December 2019 that its official order book exceeded 5,000 aircraft on order.

For comparison, its European rival Airbus delivered 488 planes at the start of the year, including 55 in September, and recorded 1,280 planes ordered (exactly 1,241 after cancellations and conversions).

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