Berlin: new museum dedicated to the Cold War

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A new museum that tells the story of the Cold War has just opened in Berlin. “Two sides of the same story” is the historical and scientific perspective on which the Cold War Museum has based its project and it is, among other things, the first in Germany devoted to this historical theme.

The Cold War Museum, open on the large central avenue Unter den Linden, presents the Cold War in its diverse and contrasting aspects, with exhibits spread over two floors and more than 1,600 square meters. From the formation of blocs after World War II to the nuclear threat, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to international espionage, from the arms race to proxy wars, visitors will be able to trace the milestones and key events of the period when the world was divided by the iron curtain.

And the division will not only be told in its most political aspects, but also how it has contaminated areas such as sport, the economy, science, technology: hence the space race or the Games Olympics, to name just two examples. A real journey through time, from 1945 to the aftermath of the Second World War until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, with the crucial stage of the collapse of the Berlin Wall.


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