Bedbugs: United cabin crew encouraged to flush them out

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The PNC unionUnited Airlinesasked its members to bring latex gloves and a flashlight with them so they could go hunting for bedbugs in their hotels during stopovers, reports the paddleyourownkanoo site.

THE Bedbugs have made headlines in recent weeks after a major infestation alert was reported in Paris, and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA), which also represents crew members ofAlaska Airlinesof Frontier and several other carriers, affirms that flight attendants, stewards and cabin attendants must be on the lookout for this scourge wherever they are in the world.

It is asked to flight attendant And stewards to be vigilant against bedbugs, and not only among international carriers serving Paris, where infestations have gotten the most attention lately. Of the latex gloves and a flashlight could become standard parts of flight attendants’ equipment when they arrive at a hotel so they can begin inspecting the bed mattress for telltale signs of bedbugs, like tar-like spots and fragments of skin, according to advice published by the union.

Among some recommendations:

-Check the mattress for bed bug remains: this means looking at the corner of the mattress, seams and labels

-Crew are advised not to remove the headboard, even if the headboard is a place where they can be found, as they could be held liable for damage.

-Flight attendants are also advised to use hard-sided luggage rather than fabric, as these surfaces are more difficult for bedbugs to attach to and to keep luggage off floors, beds and sofas. The best place for luggage is on a luggage rackā€¦or in a bathtub.

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