Bed rest experience in Toulouse: call for volunteers

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The Medes Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology, in Toulouse, has launched a new call for volunteers. Ready for sixty days of bed rest to advance science and space exploration?

Two countermeasures tested

The Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology Medesin Toulouse, is looking for twelve new volunteers (men aged 20 to 45) for the second phase of the clinical study of microgravity simulation Brace (Bed Rest with Artificial gravity and Cycling Exercise).

The winners’ stay will be an opportunity to test artificial gravity and to practice cycling (in a lying position) as a prevention method.

Fourteen European scientific teams are involved in the Brace Phase 2 experiment, which follows a first phase of study successfully carried out last spring.

Selection criteria

The experience (compensated) will last 88 days of hospitalization, including 60 days bedridden, and will take place between February and May 2024.

The main selection criteria for candidates are unchanged: being male, in good health, without medical treatment, athletic, non-smoking, with a BMI between 20 and 27, and without dietary restrictions.

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