Barcelona follows Venice’s lead and keeps cruise lines away from the city center

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To combat overtourism and pollution, Barcelona has banned cruise ships from docking near the city center starting October 22. All cruise ships will have to dock at the Moll Adossat quay, south of the city center.

Ada Colau – mayor of Barcelona

Barcelona mayor complains about cruise lines

The Moll de Barcelona, ​​​​the closest dock to the Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and the city center, will be inaccessible for cruise ships. The mayor, Ada Colau, adds: “40% of cruise ships stop for four hours. They do not bring an economic return to the city and thousands of people arrive, create significant mobility problems and then leave”

The boats will dock near the industrial port

To reduce the impact, the municipality of Barcelona therefore ordered cruise ships to move away from the moorings closest to the city center. All stopovers by passenger ships will therefore be handled from the Moll d’Adossat quay, located along the breakwater of the industrial port approximately 2 km further south. The change will mean passengers will have to travel to and from the terminal by bus from the city centre.

Limiting the number of ships

In addition, the number of cruise ships that can dock at Barcelona ports will be limited to seven ships per day, compared to ten previously.

A decision also taken in Venice and even Amsterdam

Venice and Amsterdam have also established restrictions on cruise ships.

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