Bankruptcy of a pilot school: hundreds of thousands of euros in stolen registrations

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Paris Flight Training Aeroa pilot school, has closed its doors, leaving students, teachers and employees in the lurch, reports Le Parisien.

150 student pilots and 34 employees spread across two sites, in Seine-et-Marne and Lot-et-Garonne, no longer have any horizons for their future. At the beginning, there was the flying school Airways College, in financial difficulties which was taken over two years ago by Paris Flight Training Aero (PFT). 240 students then believed again in their chances even though they had paid out, for the most part through heavy loans, nearly 100,000 euros to follow this course. But again, the same scenario happened again. Because Paris Flight Training Aero has just been sanctioned in turn by a judicial liquidation without continuation of activity following cash flow difficulties, and lack of a new buyer.

The judicial administrator, Philippe Thiollet, confirmed this to Le Parisien: “Despite the efforts made to attempt a rebound in sales, no offer will have been made”he said, adding that the “total liabilities were around 3.7 million euros between PFT Aero and PFT”, the holding company that bought it. Many students who were enrolled in this school and who had taken out huge loans to follow this training, now find themselves left behind, due to lack of flight hours, even after having passed, for example, their theoretical airline pilot certificate (ATPL) or their private pilot license (PPL).

In the past, students had already filed complaints against the CEO of the former structure, Airways College. The latter was then indicted for fraud, misuse of corporate assets and bankruptcy. But the investigation is still ongoing.

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