Bangkok-Don Muang: a passenger loses a leg stuck in a treadmill

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At Don Muang Regional Airport in Bangkok last Thursday, a passenger tripped over his suitcase on a conveyor belt. His left leg got stuck in the mechanism. The medical team on site did not manage to free her, before finally amputate the leg above the knee.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, Don Muang Airport promised to cover the 57-year-old woman’s medical expenses, in addition to compensation. “On behalf of Don Mueang International Airport, I would like to express my deepest condolences regarding the accidentDon Mueang airport manager Karun Thanakulkjeerapat told a press conference. “I would like to emphasize that we will ensure that no such accident happens again“, reassured. And to point out that the mobile corridors of Don Muang are checked every day, with a complete inspection every month.

The treadmill involved in the accident was manufactured in 1996 by the Japanese company Hitachi, the airport said. Suitcase wheels were found under the gangway after the incident. A team of engineers will come to inspect the mechanism, as part of an investigation by airport management. In the meantime, the treadmill is closed until further notice.

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