Balearic Islands: the scam that casts a chill…

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Given the high number of visitors to Mallorca, some dining establishments try to charge unusual extra fees. You should always look at the bill before paying it…

Ice cubes were not included

Latest scam: 20 cents for an ice cube. Consubal, the Balearic consumer protection organization, emphasizes that customers have the right to refuse such charges.

Vacationers should be careful

As reported Mallorca Magazine, the consumer protection organization is currently warning against restaurateurs who mainly target tourists who are not attentive to this scam. They take advantage of customer ignorance to increase the bill. However, the organization also explains that customers can refuse to pay if the additional costs are not mentioned on the menu.

Complaint forms

Consubal also emphasizes that complaint sheets must be available in every restaurant. Customers can use them to report grievances if they feel they have been treated poorly.

Just recently, an Italian restaurant made a name for itself by charging two euros for an extra empty plate.

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